Friday, October 10, 2014

Geek Bearing Gifts

“Let’s get down to business. What are you looking for? A hookup? Two men? Marriage, babies and picket fence? Are you looking for a man to do some naughty things to you while you’re tied up?”
“Mrs. Wilder!” She gasped. Damn, she hadn’t expected that. All that internal brooding had made her forget Mrs. Wilder could ask some off-the-wall questions. Tally had told her that Mrs. Wilder was not the usual elderly woman, but geez.
“I don’t have all day, you know. I need my beauty sleep,” Mrs. Wilder said. With her new flipped bob and perfect makeup on her wrinkleless features, she was hot for whatever her age was. Mrs. Wilder followed up her words with a smile and picked up her coffee. “You strike me as a woman who knows what she wants.”
Nita thought about that for a moment, panic rising in her chest. She did know what she wanted, usually. The best relationship she’d ever had with the opposite sex hadn’t been sexual. It had been open. Honest. Trusting. Did that make her a freak?
“I want a man to want me for me.” Hearing the words come out of her mouth made her wince.

Excerpt 2

“So you see, I want a man that will be interested in me as a person. Not just for sex. Not for money, which I don’t have. Not for whatever he might think he can get out of me. I want to be wanted for the woman inside. And I sure as hell want to be wanted sexually too.”
Mrs. Wilder cocked her head to the side, staring at her with her soulful eyes. “Darling, there are many sides to you. Your beauty, your body, your wit, your abilities at work. What do you want to focus on if anything in particular?”
She leaned back on the sofa, the seat dipping under her butt. The leather squeaked with the weight of her body. “I want more than sex. Don’t get me wrong, sex is great.”
Mrs. Wilder snorted, her eyes turned bright with amusement. Her lips twisted in a smirk and a
small dimple showed on her right cheek. She appeared even younger when she smiled. “Sex is amazing when done correctly. Especially if he can figure out how to be all alpha and make your legs shake.”
Oh, damn! She choked on the cookie she’d taken a bite of, chocolate spewing from her lips with each cough. She picked up a napkin and tried to clear her throat. Mrs. Wilder was a freak.


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