Thursday, June 16, 2016

Landra Graf


*Waves* It’s the heat of the summer and I’m coming off a wild writing retreat full of edits, new words, and brainstorming passionate books with strong heroines (just how I like it).
I’m honored to be given a chance to swing by this blog and introduce myself, and also mentioned I’ll be at Authors After Dark this year in Savannah, GA. It’s my first time, if anyone else is going, please go easy on me. I’m a newb. But it’s not my first convention, and I’m super excited to get involved.
A little about me: I write multiple genres, contemporary, BDSM/Erotic Contemporary, Erotic Historical, Paranormal, and Alternate History Romance. A special treat at AAD16 will be all 4 of my BDSM Erotic Contemporaries for sale in one print book version, Desperately Seeking Submissive. No one can get this anywhere else. I’m currently working on a new paranormal romance, and a sequel to my alternate history, Raven Pirate Assassin Spy. I’m a member of Silken Sheets and Seduction and  Through Heart Shaped Glasses Blog, where I post monthly about the going’s on. I host authors via my website for guest spots and special interviews with my naughty domme, Victoria. As for the basics, I love to read, write, cook, and spend time with my family (boring stuff, to be sure). 
My latest release is called, What You Desire, and is the last book in the Desperately Seeking Submissive series. It’s all about a dom and a domme coming together. Two dominants into each other is not always a good thing, but my hero is willing to fight for what he wants.
As for AAD16, you’ll be able to catch me at the Welcome Party on Wednesday night. I’m part of a sponsored breakfast Friday morning, which will have an awesome Raffle Basket (you get a chance to win just by showing up), and I’ll be at the book signing.

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