Monday, October 17, 2016

All In

All In – Book Two in The Drift series.

When love is the prize, the only way to win is to go all in.

The Resource Wars may have ended, but for the cyborgs created to fight in them, the battle for acceptance is far from over. Former soldiers Toro and Jaeger have been on the move since they left military service. They’re looking for more than their next payday; they want to find a place to call home.

Cynder Armas co-owns the Nova Club with her two cyborg siblings. The club is more than her business; it’s her home filled with everyone she cares about. Life on The Drift isn’t easy, but it is profitable, and it keeps her too busy to dwell on the losses in her past.

When these three battle-scarred warriors meet, there’s no denying their attraction, but it takes more than a spark to keep a fire burning. To hold onto each other, they’ll have to find a way to let go of their old lives and embrace the future, together.

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Intro to the Drift Series:  

Out on the edge of civilized space is a rag-tag collection of space stations and platforms known as the Drift. It’s a haven for the hunted, the lost, and those seeking second chances. The ones who live there hail from every species, class, and corner of the galaxy, but they all have one thing in common: they don’t belong anywhere else. 

There’s nothing beyond the Drift but wild space and an asteroid belt full of ore-rich rocks. The asteroids are mined by hundreds of mining vessels and their hard-working crews. When the ships deliver their haul in to be processed, those crews hit the infamous bars, casinos, and pleasure houses that are the Drift’s primary source of income…and the only source of entertainment. 

It’s a world of its own. One where corporations rule, the laws are flexible, and everything is for sale, for the right price. 

Welcome to the Drift.

Author Bio

Susan lives out on the Canadian west coast, where she writes about book-boyfriends that are out of this world.

She’s jumped out of perfectly good airplanes on purpose and accidently swum with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef.

If the world ends, she plans to survive as the spunky, comedic sidekick to the heroes of the new world, because she’s too damned short and out of shape to make it on her own for long.

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