Friday, December 16, 2016

Alaska's Snow Fate by April Zyon

TITLE:  #12DaysofGiveaways Day 4: April Zyon ALASKA’S SNOWY FATE


(Snowy Knights)

Christmas is looking rather bleak for recent divorcee, Alaska. Spending her vacation with her family will truly test the limits of her sanity, but she’s determined to push through and get some killer slope time in the snowy mountains.
Drake is looking forward to spending the holiday season hunkered down with his polar bear clan, rest and recouping from his constant training for the Olympics. When he and his clan-mates are called out on a dangerous search and rescue mission he never dreamed he’d come face to face with his fated mate.
Saving Alaska from her car was only the beginning, and the pair find themselves in a dangerous cat and mouse game with someone determined to kill her. Is it Alaska’s Snowy Fate to find Drake and fall in love, only to die in the process?      

“We have a call,” Drake shouted to his teammates, who were all lounging around the S&R house in various states of dress. “OnStar just called us in. Evidently, they have a car that crashed and the driver is non-responsive.”
“Fucking idiot for driving out in a blizzard.” Blaze grumbled as he pulled on a ratty pair of jeans. “I swear humans are all just as moronic now as they were when they crawled out of the ocean millions of years ago. Fucking useless.”
“Then why do you do the job?” Oliver asked, turning another page before marking the massive tome he was reading with an elegant silk bookmark. “Search and Rescue is just that. We search, and we rescue.”
“Because we are a clan, and we stick together. This was Drake’s call, and since he’s our Alpha, I follow.”
Drake growled at Blaze, “Then keep your hotheaded comments to your fucking self. Humans might not be as evolved as shifters, but you know as well as I do that one of them will be the missing piece of your soul. The Universe brought us here for a reason. I think that reason is for mating, and while my heart might be as frozen as the fucking tundra we live on, I know that Fate doesn’t make mistakes. Be patient.”
“You’ve been telling us that for a long fucking time, Drake. At least you have the snow games.”
“And you have racing, Blaze. Oliver has his books. We all have our things. But right now I need you suited up. OnStar pinged the SUV on Hangers Curve, but the satellite shows nothing and my gut is telling me it’s on the side of the mountain. Bring all our climbing equipment as well. This one is human. From the rental agency’s info, we are looking at a woman, early thirties.”
That perked Blaze up, Drake noticed. “Maybe she’s it. Maybe that’s why my bear is huffing and puffing. Come on, let’s go.”
Drake snorted. “Just get your shit. We need to be gone five minutes ago.”
Drake couldn’t stay any longer. He walked out of the lodge to the sounds of his men preparing. He got the sleds ready, as well as the large snow cat that he would have Oliver drive. Thankfully, Adam was already in the air and headed toward the mountain.
When Blaze and Oliver walked out, Drake was on one of the sleds. “Oliver, take the snow cat. Blaze, take the other ski sled. Let’s get going. We’re losing light as we stand here. OnStar’s reporting moans, but they still haven’t received a response otherwise. Adam is in the air and will let us know as soon as he has eyes on.”
“You sent him out in without me?” Blaze asked, stopping dead in his tracks.


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