Friday, March 24, 2017

The Black Eagles Series by Kat Green

Title: The Black Eagles Series
Author: Kat Green | @KatGreen00
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Strings starts with Melisa Webb, the other half of a famous rock couple waking up in hospital after a savage attack. Her boyfriend Luke, has been missing for days and nobody knows what happened to him. Melissa must re-count all that has happened to them up until this point. The police begin a search but it seems Luke Black, her soul mate and one of the world’s most famous rock stars has vanished. There only clue is a crazed fan that hooked up with Luke before meeting Melissa, who is hell bent on claiming her man. As the search widens, Melissa and all connected to her are plunged into a deadly situation. Will Luke be found in time or will everything come crashing down on Melissa and his band.

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Encore begins six month after the final events of Strings. Melissa and Luke are putting their lives back together after all that happened to them. Betrayal and lies has left them mentally and physically scarred but they are determined to fight it. Life seems to be looking up but when all seems to be falling into place old enemies are unwilling to let them forget. Melissa soon realises that it isn’t over and their lives are once again about to be destroyed.

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Finale is the conclusion to the series. Our rock couple have been through more than enough heartache and just want to have some peace. Luke returns from tour and hopes for a drama free break. After a shattering series of events nobody would begrudge them that. They set about with positivity and determination to not let the past ruin their future. Although they have beaten the ghosts from the past it isn’t long before they are reminded that there are always demons waiting in the shadows. Can they withstand the pressure and survive one last time? Only time will tell.

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Kat Green was born Nov 1979 into a military family and moved around a lot during her childhood. This shaped her into the person she is today. She is at ease with meeting new people and adapting to new surroundings. Her family roots are from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Kat now lives with her husband and son on the south coast of England, Portsmouth. She doesn't pretend to be the best and is still growing as a writer and having fun along the way. She loves books and has a busy imagination. Her love for music plays a big part in her writing. Kat loves to watch live bands and can usually be found at gigs around the UK. In 2010 she lost her mother to blood cancer and it was time to put her words on a page. Writing is her passion and her escape.



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