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Sweet Little Lies (Book 5 the Sweetest Thing Series) by Sierra Hill

Sweet Little Lies 
(Book 5 in the Sweetest Thing Series)
Sierra Hill

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New Adult/College Sports/Interracial


Some lies are meant to deceive. Others to protect.
My lies have done nothing but harm. They push people away. Even the people that I want to hold onto for dear life. Mica Reyes is too beautiful and pure for my tarnished soul, although I want her with a fierceness of a caged lion.
They say letting go of your grief and your sins will unburden you and set you free. But it's her I need to set free from the pain I’ll cause from loving her too much.


My Abuelita always said I should never give my heart away unless I knew it would be in capable hands. To give it to a man who would love and cherish me and put me first above all others. 
But my heart didn't listen. I fell for Lance Britton, the college basketball player who uses humor to outwardly disguise the emotional turmoil that lives inside him. To hide his painful secrets.
But I know him. And although I hate ultimatums, I may need to give him one before the lies between us grow any deeper. Letting go may be the only way to reach him.

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“Sorry” – Nothing But Thieves
“Surrender” – Walk the Moon
“Rut” – The Killers
“No One’s Gonna Love You” – Band of Horses
“Things We Lost in the Fire” – Bastille
“Skinny Love” – Birdy
“Can’t Help Falling in Love” – Ingrid Michaelson
“That Year” – Brandi Carlile
“Everybody Gets High” - MISSIO
“As Long As You Love Me” – Justin Bieber
“I Can’t Go On Without You” – Kaleo
“The Gold” – Manchester Orchestra
“Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea” – MISSIO
“Recover” – Chvrches
“Lost Cause” - Beck
“Conqueror” – Aurora
“I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz
“Shine a Light” – Banners

"The chemistry between Lance and Mica is off the charts. There is angst, heartbreak, comedy, love, friendship and damn HOT sex scenes." - Cristina, Goodreads reviewer

"I loved everything about this book, and it gave everything I look for in a book; past demons, regrets, friendship, struggles, love, loss and redemption."- Melissa, GR reviewer

"The book packs a powerful message of untainted love and kinship." - Shabby, BookBistroBlog


I have a monster living inside of me.

Eating me alive from the inside out. Turning me into something I never wanted to be. Someone I abhorred and loathed.

That monster is my darkest secret.

One that will eventually be my ruin. The thing that will turn my world upside down.

The evil villain that will destroy me.

There’s no pain quite as excruciating as watching the woman who gave birth to you, who raised and cared for you, slowly killing herself. Whether intentional or not is irrelevant. There are only two people to blame for her condition.

One of them is me and I couldn’t save her.

My father is somewhere out there on a bender. Just another one in a cycle of many. Hundreds that I’ve known in my lifetime. Twenty-two years of booze, drugs and disappearing acts.

I need to drink. And get high.

And then I need to fuck someone. Hopefully in that order.

These self-destructive behaviors are the only things that get me out of my head long enough to avoid thinking about all I’ve done. All the pain I’ve created. The deaths I’ve caused.

It’s just another reason to hate myself and the man I’ve become. If I wasn’t such a fucking coward, I’d be lying in the ground next to her right now, too. Next to my brother’s grave, as well.

There are days I wish I wouldn’t wake up. That I could fuck myself up so much that I’d fall asleep and drift off into the endless night. Because that would mean I wouldn’t have to live any longer with this constant malignant hatred that lives deep inside my soul. The self-loathing, loss and grief that I’ve caused.

But instead, the daylight always returns, making that hole in my heart seem bigger and deeper.

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Sierra Hill is an award-winning author of The Physical Series and The Sweetest Thing series, new adult and erotic contemporary romance. Sierra is a sucker for cheap accessories, enjoys traveling to see live concerts, and loves good seafood. 

Sierra resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of twenty years and her long-haired, German Shepherd. She is currently working on her next HEA.

Twitter: @sierrahillbooks
Instagram: @sierrahillbooks
Book and Main Bite: @sierrahill; 

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