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Hit Back by P.S. Bridge

Hit Back
By P.S Bridge
Genre: Thriller

About the Book

Imagine, your world being turned upside down by murder, your career in tatters, framed, and your family on a hit list.

Marie King, knew her killer. There were no signs of a break in, and the front door was left open.

18 months ago, London lawyer Mark King's life flashed before his eyes when he returned home from a day in court to find the bloody scene; his wife murdered, with all the hallmarks of professional hitmen, after he refused to drop a case to prosecute a terrorist. Full of grief, his career over, suspected of murder, fuelled by rage and with a background as a skilled marksman, Mark sent his children to the safety of New York, and turned hitman, hunting down those responsible. But he didn't expect to be thrust headlong, into the crosshairs of secret society Invictus Advoca, and their desperation for ultimate control. He also didn't bank on their terrifying link to him.

After taking them down in North Africa, and now relaxing in the Scottish Highlands while he sells his marital home, he is still wanted by MI6, and battling severe flashbacks, nightmares and PTSD. But he is about to unwittingly save the life of beautiful hit woman Nadia Moore, herself the victim of a hit squad. After rescuing her, the two begin to uncover a threat which links them both, the assassination of the Ukrainian President, and draws Mark back into the violent and dangerous world of professional Hitmen, a life he swore he’d left behind. But with Mark’s fragile state of mind, people are beginning to question whether he has a grip on reality, as the line between justice and vengeance becomes blurred. Marks actions forced Invictus Advoca’s hand, and now someone exists more senior than Lundon; someone more terrifying and more sinister, who will stop at nothing to take out Mark King.

About the Author

I am the author of a thriller series of books following disgraced British Lawyer and ex- Sandhurst Military Academy Sniper Mark King, as he turns hitman to bring his wife’s killers to justice.

My debut novel ‘Hit’ was released in July 2017, winning me a coveted 5 star review seal from Readers Favorite. To date, the ‘Mark King’ series consists of 26 books, 5 of which are already complete, with book 6 already underway.

I began writing ‘Hit’ in 2014 and attribute a lot of the structure of the story to my mum who was dying of cancer at the time. After reading works by Scott Mariani, Tom Clancy, and Brian Jacques, I wanted to write a collection of books which focussed on the main characters journey from advocate of the law, to someone who kills professionally and how this affected him.

I worked in the private financial and legal sector for 13 years, 7 of which for a worldwide finance company in Business Recovery Services. I have been writing full time since 2013.

Having spent time living and working in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Gloucester, Bristol and Birmingham, I now live in Hampshire with my wife and step-daughter.

For me, the depth of a character is paramount. Whether it is a simple character, or, like Mark King, someone complex and multi-layered. I always take inspiration from real people I meet, and I am often found in coffee shops, (especially my Wife’s) people watching and creating characters, as well as working my way through copious amounts of coffee and Belgian Chocolate Tiffin’s!

When I am not writing, I am usually doing school runs, or indulging my passion of history, particularly First and Second World War history, having grown up with grandparents who were active participants in both wars. I also play the piano and once wrote a musical after an ankle injury retired me from professional classical ballet at aged 19. I also have a love of & collection of oriental weaponry.

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“I don’t trust him,” insisted, whispering quietly to her, “and I want Barretto dead. Williams wants him for questioning. If we let him live, Invictus Advoca will simply allow him to get away and either reinstate him or dispose of him themselves.”
“Is that such a bad thing?” she said nervously, looking at Williams, “that means we can all go home.”
“That doesn’t get me or you any closer to finding out how deep this goes, who else is in on it and what the hell this organisation still wants with me. Don’t forget, you’re a target, too, now,” he warned.
Nadia shuddered but was indignant.
“We have enough skills between us to out run them,” she said desperately, unconvinced by her own comment.
“They’ll never stop,” Mark snapped, “what makes you think Williams isn’t one of them? He’s been awfully co-operative with someone he has been hunting for some time and he wants to bring them in anyway?”
“You don’t know that,” she exclaimed.
“I am not prepared to take that risk,” he responded, frustrated that now Nadia, of all people, was sounding like Williams. “He’ll wait until we’ve taken out Barretto, then he’ll take me out too and claim all the glory, leaving a nice big trail to Invictus Advoca. My children are still in danger.”
Nadia was convinced. It was strange and didn’t all quite add up. Even if Williams was on their side, it still didn’t guarantee what would happen afterwards.
“True,” she conceded, “so what are you going to do?”
“Whatever needs to be done,” he hissed. “For now, we’ll keep a close eye on him.”
Nadia looked concerned but trusted him with her life so nodded. The two of them made their way into the Trade Unions building using the back entrance and made their way up to the tower on the roof.
Mark had previously placed a high velocity XM2010 extreme range American Sniper Rifle containing Magnum ammunition. He smiled when he saw it exactly where he had left it.
It had a range of four thousand feet and was just being issued to the US army overseas. It was exactly what he needed: rapid fire, easy reloading, large pay packet and extreme accuracy. It was perfect in every way an ultimate killing machine could be.
“Hi honey, I’m home,” he laughed as he bent down to set her into position.
Nadia rolled her eyes and smiled.
“Big gun,” she joked, winking at him, “what is it?”
Mark looked surprised as he picked it up, showing it off to her.
“This bad girl is an XM2010 extreme range, high velocity sniper rifle.”
Her eyes widened in excitement.
“Chambered to .300 Winchester Magnum and fitted with a five-round detachable box magazine, this naughty girl is barrelled to a twenty-four inch long, two hundred and fifty-four-millimetre twist rate, hammer-forged  barrel,” Mark explained, turning the rifle over and pointing out all the areas he was talking about.
Nadia continued to stare at him.
“Right?” she giggled,
“She’s packing a quick-attachable-detachable Advanced Armament Corporation sound suppressor, with muzzle brake to reduce recoil and jump, making her quieter and more effective.”
Nadia nodded, feigning interest, not understanding this part, but she thought the weapon was beautiful, anyway.
“The ten-inch Titan-QD Fast-Attach suppressor eliminates ninety-eight percent of muzzle flash, sixty percent of recoil, and reduces sound,’ Mark continued.” “Boys and their toys,” she sighed, as she revealed her highly customized, powerful Hekler and Koch UMP, HK45 sub-machine gun, freshly polished.
She handled it expertly and locked, loaded and readied the weapon in a few swift, easy moves.
Mark was impressed but played along,
“What’s that?” he asked sheepishly, slightly embarrassed he had to ask.
Nadia looked at him blankly and back at the weapon.
“It’s a gun,” she remarked casually, “kills people.”


This story got me from the get go, mind this is not something I usually read but it caught my attention I could not put it down. 
Mark King a brilliant character where his past tortures him he when he comes home and finds his wife murdered, he losses his job. He is a deadly, quiet man that you would not want to underestimate. He turns into being a hitman looking for the people who murdered his wife. His character is well written and look forward to reading more with this character in it.  IF you like thrillers this is one for you P.S. Bridge keeps you glued to his characters and writing. 

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