Monday, September 16, 2019


Today we have the release day blitz of DRIVING ME WILD by Mia Carter! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Driving Me Wild

Author: Mia Carter

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Driving Me Wild:

I never in a million years thought that finding a lost pair of keys would lead to adventure.   All my life, I’ve been perfectly average. Compared to the rest of my high-achieving, type-A family, it feels impossible to stand out. While I’d love to make my big artistic dreams happen, I’m kind of stuck, thanks to a bunch of lame things like “affordable rent” and “keeping the internet on.” Dreaming doesn’t pay the bills. Freelance design work and part-time rideshare driving does. And it’s nice, for the most part. Finding a passenger’s thumb drive usually means reporting, returning, yay-hurrah-good-job-me. Except this time.   This time, I put the thumb drive in my computer. Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful! Suddenly a chat window pops up and the owner of the drive is bribing me to fly halfway across the world. Today. Turns out he's the super hot fare I haven't been able to stop thinking about...who just so happens to be Logan Weiss—the crazy-hot 29-year-old billionaire known as "the most eligible bachelor in tech”. What the hell am I even doing?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

My coffee is finally cool enough to drink, and so I pick it up with the little folded paper handles and take a sip.   “Oh, I forgot to ask, did you want cream or sugar?”   I shake my head, swallowing the bitter brew and setting my cup down carefully on the oilcloth. “No, I really do like it black. But thank you.”   Logan gives me a curious, almost amused look.   “What?” I smile. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who likes those sugar bomb blended drinks that barely pass for coffee?”   “They’re good,” he mutters. “And I don’t have them that often.”   I laugh out loud. “Unbelievable. You realize this knowledge is far more lucrative than any corporate secrets, right? Just think of what they’d do if your whole ‘Darth CEO’ vibe was tarnished by the presence of an extra-pump white-chocolate mocha.”   Logan looks up and glares at me, playful, from across the table. “‘Darth CEO?’”   “You know, your whole...” I gesture vaguely at him.   “Intense thing. You’re intimidating.”   His smile falters a little. “You think I’m intimidating?”   “Well I don’t, obviously,” I say, hastily correcting my earlier flippant comment. “I think you’re... People see you one way is all I’m saying. It happens to all of us.”   “So how do people see you, then?” he asks.   I laugh, but it’s a little nervous now. “Don’t do that.”   “Do what?”   “I already know how people see me,” I say. “I don’t need to go over that. I’m very much aware.”   When I look up from my meal, Logan is watching me, curious. “They think you’re talented. Creative. Vibrant?”   “Average,” I say. “Not quite good enough. If you saw my sisters, you’d understand.”   “I’m not here with your sisters,” Logan says.   “Neither of them found your keys.” I smile at him, trying to deflect his analysis of me without making it seem like that’s what I’m doing.   “I don’t want to be here with your sisters,” he amends. “Although I’m sure they’re perfectly lovely people.”   I don’t know what to say to this. So, instead, I pick up my coffee again, blow on it to keep my mouth from trembling. It hurts too much to have someone pretend to want you.  

About Mia:

Mia Carter lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and spends her days enjoying nature, dreaming of the next travel adventure, knitting up unraveled plot threads, and playing way too many video games.

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