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Stealing the Show by Lilliana Rose

Stealing The Show by Lilliana Rose 
Kristie comes to the Royal Adelaide Show every year with the sheep. This year will she return with more than just prizes? Or will she steal the heart of a man as well, and snag the love of her life? 
Kristie Johnson plans to run the family farm one day. As the only child, she lives with her parents and struggles to get them to see that she can make her own decisions and that she is a grown woman. Then, she meets Tully Row, a dancer performing at the show and she turns to him for a few days of fun. Instead she finds herself falling for him, especially when she finds out he’s a country boy himself.
The youngest of three sons, Tully was forced away from the farm he loved to the city to make his own living. He started dancing and was given a gig at the Royal Show. His family are at the show with the milking cattle and they spend more time arguing. He feels unsupported by them, and can’t get them see his performances. Kristie is a distraction, an enjoyable distraction at first, but then she steals his heart. Their shared lust turns into something deeper and more special between them. 
Can both of them stand up to their families and follow their hearts to begin a relationship and their lives together?
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“I’m in a rush. Meet me here after the show and I’ll get you another coffee.” His blue eyes soft and intense seemed to speak at a soul level to her.
Kristie paused. About half the coffee was on the ground or down the front of her blue striped shirt, and some on her blue jeans. But there was enough in the paper cup. “It’ll be all right. It was an accident.” “No, promise me you’ll be here.” He put his hand on her arm. Mother of god. The heat from his palm burned through the material of her shirt, causing her knees to weaken. “Please.”Bloody hell. “I’ll be here.” “Good.” He smiled, then hurried away. Kristie stood there, staring at him, his tight arse in particular until he disappeared in the crowd. She sighed. Took a sip of her coffee. Can I really meet him here after the show? 
“It’s about to start. Get your phone out.” Ellie patted her excitedly on the arm, dark brown eyes glowing with excitement. Kristie rolled her eyes. She couldn’t get her phone out because she was clutching her coffee like it was something to settle herself from what she’d just experienced with that guy. It was nothing. The way her body still reacted, she knew it was something more, which was the main reason she didn’t tell Ellie. Her friend would have a field day over Kristie’s reaction, then would want to meet him, and suddenly this would be bigger than she could handle. “Mother nature, earth, fire, water, air...” The voice over the music blurred as she tried to get the image of the guy from her mind. Especially those gorgeous blue eyes. A few dancers came on stage. Kristie watched intently to help distract herself. “Bloody hell.” Her mouth fell open. “This isn’t what I was talking about. It gets better.” Kristie was glad she hadn’t said anything about the guy. Right now, she was staring straight into those same gentle blue eyes.
She stopped walking. All the time they’d been talking she’d tried to think of how to suggest they meet up tomorrow. The talk of rides and her fear of heights pushed those thoughts well away along with any sexual desires that brewed while they were together. “I should go.” “Really?” She saw the disappointment in his eyes. “Yes.” She only partly lied. He stood very close to her. Close enough to kiss her. The thought filled her mind. What would his lips feel like? What would he taste like? He tilted his head toward hers. Kristie’s mouth dried. Is he going to kiss me?
Lilliana is a creative writer and poet. She grew up on a farm in Australia but has swapped her work boots for heels and now lives a city lifestyle. She enjoys using her memories of life on the farm as an inspiration for her stories. Check out more of Lilliana’s work on her website:

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