Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bed of Lies Vol 3 by Niquel

Title: Bed of Lies
Series: Bed of Lies Vol 3
Author: Niquel
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance
Release Date: September 27, 2017
I knew I was meant to be his by the look in his eyes.
The man in the suit was mysterious and dark, broken like me.
I should have never been in the clutches of a monster such as Mendoza, but I was finally free. Linc had saved me from his wrath, and I thought I could give him everything he could ever dream of in return for choosing me.
I was horribly mistaken.
This was not the life I expected.
This new cage had been my home for what felt like an eternity. I hadn’t seen the man in the suit since the day I was taken from Mendoza, and that seemed so long ago. A man named Yavuz had come in from time to time to make sure I was fed and to have sex with me, and I was dead inside. Maybe the man had been killed, or maybe he just didn’t want me. Maybe the connection I’d felt had been a fluke.
The room I was in was small, and there was an old mattress in the middle of the room where Yavuz would take what he wanted from me. Most nights I welcomed the darkness. I begged Yavuz to set me free from my cage, and one evening he chained me up and left me in front of a large staircase. I sat there in the darkness, because silence was my friend.
In the middle of the night I had been attacked by someone. I was choked until I nearly passed out, but I couldn’t see my attacker’s face. I didn’t know why they wanted to harm me, but I stopped caring once the light at the end of the tunnel appeared. I wanted to be taken away from this body for good.
I was unlocked and tossed back into my cage without warning, and I lay on my side as I heard things bump in the night.
Niquel is a self diagnosed coffee addict, lover of rice and beans, and chocolate—preferably not all together. She’s the creator of multiple stories full of love, passion, and power. She may toss in a ghost story every once in a while.
When she’s not busy taking care of her two little girls, she's writing or creating graphics or you can find her binge watching TV with her significant other. 
Boston born and raised, she’s always been a creative soul: attending multiple colleges to develop her love of the visual arts.

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