Saturday, March 24, 2018

Love In C Minor

Title: Love in C Minor, A Backroads Duet
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release date: April 27th

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When a promise is broken, their simple lives become complicated. How long can late night phone calls and secret rendezvous in the haystacks remain hidden?

From the co-writing duo of Mindy Michele comes a tale of small-town charm and backroads trouble. 

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I want to scream. Let my voice reverberate around the room until he feels my frustration in his soul. Instead, my voice breaks. “All I wanted was a day of peace, Linc. Would that have been so hard?”

The urge to cry is strong. I’m so exhausted. Working at the camp was an amazing experience, but it was hard. I was always ‘on’ and I’d give anything to be ‘off’ right now. I can’t even be ‘off’ in my own home. Have I ever been able to?
“Lighten up, Rea. You’ll give yourself a heart attack.” He strides across the kitchen, tossing one last grape into his mouth.
When I spin, ready to bring him down a notch with a witty retort, Ridley is standing in the doorway. How long has he been there? His brows are drawn together, but he doesn’t speak as Lincoln brushes by him.
“You know you’re going to miss me when I leave for college tomorrow,” Lincoln calls over his shoulder.
Highly doubtful. He’ll be one hour away and home too often. I open my mouth to say so, but the words don’t form. Ridley is still there and I’m tongue-tied. He stares a moment too long, siphoning the oxygen from me, before he follows Lincoln without uttering a single word.


Mindy Michele

We're pretty awesome! We both write books. We both live in the Carolina's (Mindy in South, Michele in North). We like singing in the car, eating white cheddar popcorn, and going on road trips together. You'll find us sharing a table at a few book signings each year. We have a love of romance, New York, anything sweet, and great books. 

To find out more you can hunt us down on social media. We're all over the place!

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