Friday, September 13, 2019

Hunter's Protector by Bryce Evans

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The Hunter’s Protector by Bryce Evans
Published:  August 28, 2019
Paranormal Romance

Hot male shifters and kick-ass females resistant to their charms. Love, suspense, and danger.  What more can you ask for? 

Greer O’Neill has been on the run and hiding her entire life. She holds magic that can dominate the paranormal world. After everyone she’s ever loved has been killed by mages hunting her, she stumbles into the only place that can keep her safe—the home of the Death Hunters.

There she meets Reed, a sexy Death Hunter. Every bone in her body aches for him. But if she loves him, he will be killed, perhaps by her own magic. 

Reed McDaniel thinks life is great as a Death Hunter.  He has a new home, a job he loves, and friends who would die for him. But he’s never known real fear until he set eyes on the one they call the White Bear. One look and he knew Greer was his mate. Convincing her is a problem and protecting her could cost him his life.

Now an ancient evil knows where she is and danger threatens every life in New Hope.

The Hunter’s Protector is the 3rd book in The Death Hunter’s series.


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