Friday, November 25, 2016

Road Trip

R.L. Merrill
Rock ‘n’ Romance Author
Once upon a time... A teacher, tattoo collector, mom, and rock 'n' roll kinda gal opened up a doc and starting purging her demons. Ten self-published novels and novellas later, with more tucked away in her evil lair, R.L. Merrill is still striving to find that perfect balance between real-life and happily ever after. You can find her lurking on social media where she loves connecting with readers, being a mom taxi to two busy kids, in the tattoo chair trying desperately to get that back piece finished, or head banging at a rock show near her home in the San Francisco Bay Area!
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Road Trip:  A Rock Season Novel
High school counselor and heavy metal fan Abra Mora spends her summer vacation traveling in her gutsy Mustang GT to escape a dark family history of depression. Late one night while making an emergency pit-stop, she comes to the rescue of an off-duty police officer in peril and saves him from a fiery end. The straight-laced, model-handsome cop happens to be running away from some major baggage of his own. These two opposites decide to run away together, but soon realize they've embarked on more than just a fling. Can their newfound love survive once their road trip is over and their realities end up on a collision course?
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“It does hurt. They gave me some Motrin but I didn’t want to take it without some food.”
“Oh! I have brownies in the backseat. Just grab that container…”
He reached around and damn did he make a fine sight.  The shirt the other cop gave him was almost completely sheer and way too tight.  His chest was so fucking amazing. I never really went for muscley guys, but Jesus did this man have a sculpted physique.
He brought the container around to the front and I noticed him stalling.  He lifted the lid and sniffed.
“Kelly?” I asked, trying to control my laughter. “What are you doing?”
“Um, are these—”
“Would I offer pot brownies to an officer of the law? Do I look that dumb?” I was a little disappointed that he would think that about me, but we all make choices about how we present ourselves.  My appearance often screamed ‘fuck you.’
“I’m sorry, Abra.  I meant no disrespect.  Occupational hazard.” He took one out and took a big bite, moaning with happiness.  Oh, to be the cause of that joy.
“These are unbelievable,” he said after he’d chewed and swallowed. No talking with his mouth full.  So friggin’ polite. 
“Did you make these?” he asked.
“Yep. They are loaded with my secret recipe, which includes brown sugar, crushed cocoa beans and hashish.  Just give it a few minutes and you’ll feel great.”
He paused with his mouth full like he needed a place to spit it out.
“Oh, come on.  You walked into that one, Kelly.  There are no drugs anywhere in this car, or on my person.  You can subject me to a strip search when we get—Oh.”
What started out as just a way to mess with his pretty little head had taken a turn to the dangerous.  Did I want to share my body with this beautiful man? I was undecided.  He was gorgeous, yes, and if I was the kind of person who could just give myself to any hot guy, then yeah.  I would.  Problem was that I wasn’t turned on by people easily, men or women, and I’d been with both. Something about the person had to speak to me.  A person who could take care of themselves was probably my biggest turn-on.  Self-sufficiency was sexy in my book.  So far the jury was out on my cop.
“Kelly.  It’s fine.  I was messing with you.  Besides, you’re off duty.” He was rubbing at his jaw again and I snuck a peek at his profile.  Unbelievable from every angle.  What rock had this lovely creature crawled out from under? And just how badly was I going to drive him away? I couldn’t help but think this nut hadn’t fallen far from the tree. I must have still been a little high on adrenaline to take some strange guy, despite the fact he was a cop, to a fucking hotel in the middle of nowhere? Too late now. I’d have to see how this played out and hope my dark side didn’t come out to play. 
“I just didn’t want you to think I expected anything. I’m sorry.  You’ve already given me a second shot at life tonight.  I think you’ve met all sainthood criteria.” He laughed but it was forced. 
It was an incredibly sweet thing to say.  Okay, that was a turn-on.  All of a sudden he seemed to grow larger, like he was taking up all of the space inside my car. I felt his presence pushing against my own, like a current trying to find its grounding. Whatever was causing that feeling had me aroused and wondering just why I was placed in this man’s path tonight.
“Thank you, Kelly, but I’ve still got my bat.  If you pushed the envelope against my will, I think I could take you, sore tushy and all.” 
He burst out laughing and I achieved my goal of lessening the tension that had been building since we left the hospital.
“Here’s some water so you can take your pills,” I offered as he polished off his first brownie. 
“Thank you,” he said, his fingers lingering on mine as he took the bottle from me. Chills ran up my arm. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to watch him pop the pills in his mouth and guzzle down half the bottle of water. His lips were so full, and not from his injury. The inappropriate thoughts going through my head were running rampant.

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