Monday, October 30, 2017

Potion Perfect by Billie Dale


★ ★ ★

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★ ★ ★



I fled here to start over, reinvent myself. Running has its perks. I learned that when I met and fell for him then when it all fell I apart, I ran again. 

  I thought I was smart, a seventeen-year-old college sophomore borders on genius. But a viral photo and bullies crushed my trusting and naïve heart.  

Then an old gypsy gave me hope and I believe love might be possible.  

My friendship with Kohl Black evolved allowing him to break down my walls. But the basketball star and the geek only ends well in a fairy tale. He crushed my heart and showed me that everything I believed and trusted was a complete lie.

  He was a lie.  

Now, I’m back. I’ve returned to the scene of the pain. He let me run once, he won’t let it happen again. 


I’m stunned by her beauty and curves that go on for days but what’s inside owns me.  

I’m a star basketball player and a part of campus royalty, people expect me to be wild. As soon as she walked in the classroom and my life, those expectations went out the window.  

I wanted her back and I still want her now.  

She ran before I could fight for her. But now, nothing will stand in the way of getting Tensanne Craig back into my arms.
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★ ★ ★


Billie Dale is small town lady that lives in BFE Indiana. A little village that has absolutely nothing in it and is at least thirty-five minutes from the nearest Starbucks. She’s a coffee loving mother of four amazing children and a grandma to one feisty little red headed baby girl.     

 She spends her days talking to the voices in her head when she’s not fighting the battle of the bulge in her daily workouts. She’s an avid reader of romance, young adult and anything that sparks her interest.    

 She’s has been happily married to her very own version of a book boyfriend for almost fifteen years.    

She’s been a reader since she could understand the words. Loving the adventure and being able to get lost in words. A year ago, the characters finally screamed at her long enough and she gave in to their demands. That’s how her first book was born.

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