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Se7en by Sky Corgan




Sky Corgan

Release Date: October 11th

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Seven Sins. Seven Days

Chandler Lexington

I need a muse for my next exhibit.

She has to be young

She has to be a virgin.

And she has to be willing to do everything I tell her to. No questions asked.

Emma Jones

Never in a million years did I Imagine that I’d be selected for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now I’m being whisked away to a private Island to spend a week alone with world-renowned painter, Chandler Lexington.

He’s gorgeous, mysterious and eccentric.

I thought he was just going to paint me, but every seductive glance has a secret hidden intention behind it, and I’m beginning to think this is about more than creating art.

Heat level: Smokin’ Hot

From USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan comes a new sinfully wicked stand-alone dark romance novel.



“Is that the warmest thing you brought?” Chandler looks at my attire with disapproval.

“I hadn’t expected to be flown to the Alps,” I joke, extending my fingers towards the fire to warm them.

“Here.” He stands and takes off his jacket, walking over to put it on me.

I blush as I slide my arms into the sleeves, thinking of how heavy it is. More than that, of how it smells like Chandler. There’s a strong muskiness about it with notes of citrus and rosemary. Totally money. Completely man. I close my eyes, wrapping myself in the warmth of the jacket and the scent, knowing that I’m wearing a stupidly content grin. This is the happiest I’ve been since arriving here.

Chandler moves everything over to where I’m sitting. Apparently, he had assumed I would be brave enough to sit beside him. He was wrong. I’ve been trying to keep a safe distance because I have no idea about his personal life—if there’s someone of the female variety in it. I want to keep things between us as professional as possible because I want him to see me as a professional. I want to walk away from this experience with his respect.

“I would ask you if you like port, but I can only assume you’re not a wine connoisseur.” Chandler picks up the decanter from the table and pours us each a glass of the liquid that’s so dark red it’s almost black.

“That I am not,” I admit.

“Dark chocolate compliments it well. You should try it.” He hands me a glass.

The way he’s staring at me makes me nervous. He’s watching me so intently. It reminds me of how I was gazing at his paintings in my room earlier, studying them.

My eyes follow his hand as he picks up one of the chocolates. It’s a small round disc, not like anything I’ve seen before, though I’m not really a chocolate connoisseur either. More than likely, this stuff is expensive like everything else here.

I reach out to scoop a few chocolates from the bowl, but Chandler stops me. “Here. Allow me.”

I retract my arm, confused by his intentions until he offers me a chocolate from his own hand, bringing it up to my lips and silently requesting that I open my mouth. I can only hope that the darkness around us hides the heat coming to my cheeks. I can’t believe that Chandler Lexington is hand-feeding me chocolate. And the way he’s looking at me… I don’t feel the cold anymore at all.

“Let the chocolate settle on your tongue, then take a drink of the port.” His fingertips brush my lips as he slips the chocolate into my mouth. For being so subtle, it’s one of the most sensual things I’ve ever experienced.



Sky Corgan is a USA Today bestselling author. She lives in Texas where the sun is hot and the men are hotter. When she's not typing away at her next steamy romance novel, she enjoys hanging out with friends and planning vacations.

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