Thursday, May 18, 2017

Appeal by Hazel Jacobs

Title: Appeal
Author: Hazel Jacobs
Release Date: May 25th, 2017

Ava Rose spends her days impressing her bosses as a first year associate for a Las Vegas law firm.
She spends her nights hostessing at the Fever gentleman’s club downtown. Her two worlds give her very different rushes and she’s never had any reason to fear that they may collide. 
That is, until she battles Christopher Cole in the courtroom. Christopher Cole is a shark of a lawyer who is used to getting what he wants. 
Now, he wants Ava… 
The attraction is instant and mutual, and Ava finds herself feeling the kind of lust she’d never imagined feeling before. A little digging leads Christopher to Ava’s moonlight career at Fever and, rather than turn her in to her bosses, he offers her a job at his own firm. But is Ava really going to take the easy route to advance her career? Is Christopher worth giving up her integrity?

Hazel Jacobs is a passionate fan of romance novels and a crazy fan of rock and roll. Never trained as a writer, she began creative writing as a hobby. That quickly evolved into a mission to pen a novel that brings a new generation of readers into the wild realm of loud music and total passion. 

Instagram: @authorhazeljacobs

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