Sunday, January 29, 2017

Please Boss

#PLEASEBOSS By Juliana Conners is #LIVE

#99Cents #OneClick #FreeOnKU

Genre: Contemporary/ Bad Boy/ Billionaire BDSM
Release date: January 28th, 2017
Hosted By: Chance Promotions


Take Me. Teach Me. Train Me. Please, Boss.

I’m used to getting everything I want: Yachts, jet skis, plus the jet that flies me to my yacht and my jet skis.
And of course, plenty of f*cking women. 
But none of them are subordinates. My one rule is to never mix work and pleasure. 
An office fling isn't worth losing the lucrative law firm I’ve helped build.

But now I have a spunky, sexy secretary named Ruby and I also have a dilemma. 
Because I want Ruby in a way I've never wanted anyone else.
And I don’t let anyone's rules f*cking stop me from getting what I want. Not even my own. 

My c*ck is as ready as my mind is hesitant. 
I know I shouldn't. I'm her boss and old enough to know better.
She thinks she wants me. For her very first time.
But she doesn’t know what it is she’s asking for.

I don’t just want her on my desk, on my floor, on my lap.
I want her tied up and begging me to do whatever I want with her.
Ruby’s no pushover. She has a mind of her own. And I’m beginning to suspect she has some dark secrets.
Her own past, mixed with my present desires, could get us both into a lot of trouble.  

Tying her up could take me down. So why do I still want to do it?

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