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What the Heart Desires

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Title: What the Heart Desires
Author: Kelli McCracken
Date: January 31, 2017

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A seed of doubt. A blind devotion. A soul divided.

Dylan McBride is desperate to protect his wife and child from The Fallen. He'll stop at nothing to keep them safe, even if it means killing his father. With a devastating secret on the verge of destroying his life with Heaven, Dylan hides the truth from his soulmate. His deceit isn't the only threat to his relationship. So is the growing connection between Heaven and her Keeper.

Layne is gaining strength, increasing the powerful fire within him. The more time he and Heaven share, the easier it is to control his Keeper abilities. Harnessing his emotions is a different story. As if the affinity bond didn't intensify the link between them, an emerging secret forces him to face the truth. He's in Heaven's life for more than her protection.

Among the death threats and birth of her child, Heaven struggles to keep peace between her soulmate and Keeper. Dylan's behavior grows darker by the day, but the bond between her and Layne deepens. He's willing to sacrifice his life for her. Yet a turn of events has her risking everything for him. When more lies are exposed, she'll be left with one choice—deny the truth or surrender to her heart's desire.

What the Heart Desires is the fourth installment in the Soulmate Series. If you like tantalizing romances with suspense, soulmates, and supernatural twists, you’ll love Kelli McCracken’s compelling take on love, fate, and destiny.

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5 Star Review

After reading What the Heart Takes, Book Three in the Soulmate Series, I honestly didn’t think that Kelli could make these books any better. That book just amazed me. Well, color me wrong. Kelli blew my mind with this book. Amazing, Incredible and simply Fantastic. I cannot begin to tell you how much I truly loved this book to give it justice.

This book starts where What the Heart Takes left off. In this book there is so much happening with not only our main three characters of Layne, Heaven and Dylan. But we are introduced to new and old characters a like.

We learn more of Heaven and Layne’s true connection and not what they have been led to believe. Hope and Faith reveal and are given revelations that we didn’t know before. The road is not easy for any of our favorite characters. Let’s not forget that Heaven is about ready to give birth to her and Dylan’s first child.

Many twists and turns keep you engrossed and enthralled in this world that Kelli has created for us. She pulls us in once again and we better buckle up because the road ahead is full of shocks, surprises, and she lights us on fire with the heat and passion between her characters.

This is one book I will definitely read over and over again and order the hard copy of it to put in my library permanently along with the rest of this series. I hope Kelli never ends this series as the characters have become part of my family. A true Author is able to pull you in and weave their story around you and make it part of you. Kelli is one of those Authors.

I rate this book highly and unfortunately I can only give it five starts because if I could I would give it more and more. This is a book that needs to be added to your TBR list immediately. If you haven’t read the books in the series then please read them and enjoy this series as I have. I can’t wait to see where Kelli takes us next I know one thing for sure What my Heart Desires is more Soulmate Series and Kelli McCracken.

~ Reviewed by Tracy from Spunky N Sassy Blog ~

About the Author

Kelli McCracken is a paranormal and contemporary romance author from Northeast Kentucky. She has authored seven book with many more in the works. When she's not listening to the crazy character conversations in her head, Kelli enjoys connecting with readers and chatting about books, characters, and all things fiction. 

"Time is the one thing in life that we never get back. Live life to the fullest with no regrets. Seconds chances are rare."

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