Thursday, June 1, 2017

Seducing Sarah Book 6 by Ami LeCoeur

Seducing Sarah - Book 6: The Cider King: Jonathan

By Ami LeCoeur
After a dismal six months of trying to develop a relationship by finding someone worth being involved with, Sarah decides her earlier goal, while still worthwhile, is probably not one she wants to continue to pursue. After all, life has a lot more to offer than sex and heartbreak.
Her business is still going great. In fact, with Tammy's and Rhonda's help, she's expanding into new venues that have all the earmarks of a lucrative new direction. In pursuit of her own business acumen and excellence, she heads off to a symposium to learn new ways to focus her marketing.
While meeting up with a new friend at the bar, she gets a surprise when she runs into an "old" friend from home. But this trip is strictly business and she intends to keep it that way. Unfortunately, her new friend finds her old friend way too interesting, and Sarah decides she needs to step into the middle before things go too far.
Book 6 is the conclusion to the Seducing Sarah series.
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About the Series:
This is a six book serial that follows Sarah Pilsner, a successful, young, thirty-something CEO of her own advertising agency. She’s a self-made woman, happy with what she’s achieved, but realizing that being successful has come with a price.
Sarah gets a wake-up call when her secretary’s fiancĂ© sends a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the entire office goes ga-ga. Sarah can’t help but realize that as a workaholic, she has no social life, and no matter how well she’s done with her business, the rewards feel hollow. There is no one in her life to celebrate her successes with, except her best friend Tammy. And Tammy has her own life with Chaz.
Determined to change her status by her birthday, a mere six months away, she decides to step outside her comfort zone and find someone to help share the celebration of her journey and her life. Join Sarah on her journey to discover a life beyond her current state of living with her nose to the grindstone.
Book 1: The Shutterbug: Jimmy
Book 2: The Body: Tony
Book 3: The Educator: Scott
Book 4: The Player - Kris

Book 5: The Advocate: Al

Author Bio:
Like most romance writers, Ami LeCoeur is a romantic at heart, but in her heart, it's the classic romanticism of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
She is a painter, glass artist, and award-winning poet, as well as a writer.
When she isn't traveling, she lives on California's Redwood Coast with her husband and two kitties. She loves her wonderful ocean view, and when the fog comes in - as it always does - she's either curled up with a good book or busy writing.
Social Media:
Twitter @AmiLeCoeur
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